This is what Sunday mornings looks like in my home. I usually do a long workout on Sunday mornings and then head into my kitchen to plan my meals ahead for the whole week. I have realised throughout the years that for me, my meals have to planned meticulously otherwise I end up having to make another decision which takes up brain energy. I have to get my kids and husband on board, so that I am not compelled into buying anything last minute or resorting to buying take-away food, which I am not a big fan of. I completely respect the fact that not everyone wants to meal plan, and loves to do their daily cooking, but I believe that if you want you and your family to stay on track, a little planning can go a long way. Meal planning can transform your eating habits and help you make better decisions when it comes to your children. It adds to the creativity of the weekend and is a great habit to teach your children, even if they are older.


Think of it as your superhero training for healthy eating. By dedicating a portion of your Sunday to prepping meals for the week, you’ll be setting yourself up for success all week long. Here’s a few ways how meal prep Sundays become your superpower to healthy eating:


1. Save Time and Money:

I for one, hate the “what’s for dinner?” every night. Prepping meals in advance has helped me eliminate daily last-minute decisions, and allows me to have a little space in the evenings to relax, chit-chat with the boys, and on most days actually have an evening routine for myself which I cherish.  Additionally, you get to save money by allocating one dedicated trip to the grocery store, allowing for less impulse buying which is always a problem when you are headed to the store every night.


2. Portion Control:

Prepping your meals in advance and setting them up in boxes, is a great hack for portion control and a fantastic way to ensure that you are getting the right amount for your body without over or under-nourishing.  Prepping single-serving containers or dividing meals into portions keeps you accountable and helps maintain your dietary goals, to whichever way you prefer to eat. If you think of your box in terms of a plate, think about your whole foods as carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. Apart from that, I like to have my anti-inflammatory herbs i.e. turmeric, ginger so at least one of my meals has to contain these spices.


3. You’ll Stick to the Healthier Choice, Every Time:

For me, this reason is by far the most important. I run a practice, have a busy family life and want to be the best mom possible. This doesn’t always allow me to make the best decisions when hunger pangs strike or I’m just plain exhausted from the day. By preparing healthy meals in advance, I feel like you are less likely to succumb to unhealthy temptations. Having some pre-prepped snacks i.e. boiled eggs, granola, or nuts and seeds prepped beforehand, allows my snacks to be on par with how I want to nourish myself and my family.


4. Boost Your Cooking Confidence:

Meal Prep Sundays can be a fun way to experiment new recipes with the kids. Even if it’s something your family hasn’t tried before, prepping it together would probably encourage experimentation with a new food for the entire family. The kids are less likely to say NO and it’s a win-win for you.  Prep a smaller portion if you are unsure of how the recipe will turn out and if it’s a win, make extra’s next time. Over time, this can lead to a more diverse and exciting repertoire of healthy meals. For those of you aren’t too confident in the kitchen, this is a great way to get over that limited belief and actually experiment with different tastes, spices and herbs. I’ve seen the worst cooks become the best!


5. Meal Prep Magic Doesn’t Have to be Complicated:

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of meal prep! Start simple. Choose 2-3 easy recipes for the week, and focus on dishes that freeze or reheat well. Utilize tools like a slow cooker or sheet pan for easy, hands-off cooking. Invest in some good Tupperware that can make the refrigerator look good. Divide them into snacks and meals and use post-its which will make your life so much better and overall healthier. This allows you some flexibility in life as well and the peace that your family can make healthier choices overall.


I know not everyone likes to cook, but one of the secret to good digestion is that it starts in the kitchen even before you have taken your first bite of food. The release of digestive enzymes starts with cephalic responses, which are responses triggered by the brain from the sight and smell of food. These responses can start at the grocery store with all the colours that you see, and once again when you cook your meals. I truly believe  if you want to have better digestion and absorption,  cooking and really enjoying this process can be a game changer for pancreatic enzyme production.