Optimize your energy and hormones

Through a low-carb lifestyle

Hi, I’m Puja. I’m a Nutritionist and expert in energy and hormone optimisation through a low-carb/ketogenic lifestyle. I help women re-balance their hormones naturally and improve their energy levels so that they can live more, do more!

Reclaim Your Energy:

Naturally Balance Hormones & Live Your Best Life

Do you feel constantly drained and exhausted, even after getting 8 hours of sleep?

Has your metabolism slowed down or you’ve been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome?

Have you started holding onto more weight around the mid-section or find it hard to lose the weight you once could?

Are you experiencing mood swings, anxiety, brain fog, depression or sleep problems?

Do you crave sugar, unhealthy carbs or caffeine to keep you going throughout the day?

Do you suspect you have an undiagnosed thyroid issue, which has never really been addressed?

Do you suspect you have an autoimmune condition and need help managing it?

If you are experiencing one or all of these symptoms, it might be a sign that your body is going through metabolic changes. These changes can not only disrupt your metabolism but more importantly, the well-being and quality of your life. 

As we get older, our hormones, gut microbiome, and our food choices can change. This isn’t your fault, sometimes situations in life just cause changes in the body. As these changes happen, it feels harder to feel in control of your life. The tiny power plants in our cells(mitochondria) do not work as efficiently as they used to.

A low carb/ketogenic diet helps your body shift its metabolism from burning glucose (sugar) to burning ketones and fatty acids for fuel. This change not only provides more sustained energy but can also improve mental clarity.

How Working With Me Can Help

Imagine a life where:

You could wake up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

You have the energy and motivation to live the life you intended for yourself.

You loose the weight you always wanted.

You have the energy to juggle a family, career, and hobbies.

You live your life to the fullest, without constantly worrying about burnouts.

You live your dream life.

Nutritional Therapy, having its roots in Functional Medicine, does not look at symptoms in isolation but looks at the client as a “whole” and tries to address the root cause of their illness. This is a science-backed and evidence based approach to health and wellness and addresses all systems in the body which may be affected by the imbalance or disease.

Functional Medicine addresses imbalances using Nutrition, Genetics, Family History, Medications, Mental and Emotional State, Sleep, Lifestyle and Toxic Load. I then use testing to address sustainable changes through food and behaviour change which affect and revitalize all systems of the body. 

Book a complimentary, 30-minute discovery call with me

I offer a complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute phone call to better understand your health goals and to gauge if I would be the right practitioner to help you. If I am unable to help, I will happily refer you on to another therapist or a GP that would better be suited to your needs.

My Story

Hi there, I’m Puja. A nutritionist and an expert in energy and hormone optimization.

If you have found me through your research, I am happy that you are here. I have a huge passion of providing health and vitality to my clients and I can say with conviction that living with less energy than your body is capable of, isn’t optimal for you.

I can show you that through nutrition, lifestyle changes and targeted supplementation, all this is possible. I will guide you, step by step, how powerful food can be in changing the way you think and feel.

The Consultation Process

Want to discover if a low-carb lifestyle can help you regain your energy and feel your best? Book a no obligation call with me if you would like to learn more about my approach with personalized nutrition.

Hormone, stool, and blood testing are a vital component of my practice. It can be an amazing tool to help address the root cause of your illness. It helps me tailor my protocols accordingly and helps the process of making change a lot more precise and motivating for the client. Seeing things on paper can make a world of difference in how one views their health. My own personal journey and practice wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of testing.

Somnath Kansabanik

Consulting with Puja turned out to be a transformative encounter for my health and well-being. Under her expert guidance, I embarked on a journey of personal transformation that led me to lose 20 kg and significantly improve all my blood markers, all without the aid of any medications. Puja introduced me to the power of natural ways to restore health, emphasizing the importance of gut health and the impact it has on our overall well-being. Her approach to mindful eating and making me more self-aware about my eating habits has not only helped me sustain these changes but also greatly reduced my inflammation levels, boosted my energy and focus remarkably.

Jenny Redlin

Puja has helped me to understand how food is an essential building block for a healthy lifestyle. With her careful, detailed assessment of my eating, sleeping and exercise habits, she designed menus that would focus on improving my sleep, focus and energy needs. Her knowledgeable background put me at ease, her gentle manner became an attitude I wanted to emulate. Now I calmly think of food as not only a joyous part of life, but also as an important fuel for body and mind. Thank you, Puja!

Thea Helfer

Puja has helped me personalize my nutrition by incorporating new foods to help me balance out my meals, which have reduced my sugar cravings. She has also optimized my nutrition to where I can understand the foods that are beneficial to my body and remove the foods that were causing inflammation. As a result, my digestion is better and my energy levels have increased. I have also lost weight in the this process and gained muscle mass. She has enabled me to increase my diversity in plant foods and anti-inflammatory foods which are beneficial to my body given my family history of Autoimmune disease. I am now on a good path of creating a healthy balance between my diet and exercise. 

Sarah Done

I came to see Puja for my Distal Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which is a genetic disorder. I found Puja to be very kind and thoughtful and she was able to put me at ease from the very beginning. She was able to advise me on the right type of diet for my condition paving the way for recovery, considering my health issues. She took the time to explain her nutritional advice and the reasons behind the changes, making it easy to understand and implement rather than just giving me a plan to follow.  I would definitely recommend Puja to anyone who was looking into dietary and nutritional advice.

Sudha Nishtala

I had put on 15kg during my pregnancy and despite trying everything, I couldn’t lose weight post pregnancy. Furthermore, my health started deteriorating even further with symptoms of itchy skin and bloatedness. When I started seeing Puja, she opened my whole world up to what gut healing is and now 6 months later, I have lost 11kg. It is a goal that I never thought I would ever achieve. Puja is extremely knowledgeable and diligent with her passion for Nutrition. Being a vegetarian myself and feeling lost with healthy foods, Puja has opened me up to trying a whole host of new foods and a different way of eating. She has guided and educated me into feeling like a whole different person. I am healthy and confident about my body because of her.

I will take her advice further and better the life of my entire family. Thankyou Puja!

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