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Hi, I’m Puja. I am a Nutritionist specializing in low carb/ketogenic metabolic therapies. I use food as medicine and help women understand how powerful each bite of food can be to your biology. I love helping people heal from their illnesses and being part of that journey because I know how debilitating fatigue and hormone imbalances can be.​


I am no stranger to fatigue, burnout, sleep problems and a hormone imbalance.


My own health journey truly started after the birth of my first child when I experienced a complete burnout. I clearly remember being an absolutely exhausted mom, feeling out of my body and totally confused about how on earth I was supposed to do this day after day, feeling this run down. Everyone else around me looked amazing and had control over their life as a mom, but I somehow made excuses that it was my genetics or life, or that it was my needy child. In my early 30’s, came along other health issues such as Gastrointestinal Symptoms, and perhaps an undiagnosed slow thyroid. I remember feeling so helpless and not knowing who to ask for help. On some level, I began to believe that I was just destined to feel this way and work harder than anyone else to maintain my health and body. Now, I know better and know that our bodies were designed to sustain us with energy. Food was designed to nourish us and it’s when we feed ourselves the right foods, our bodies work to support us with energy.


I didn’t just want to survive, I wanted to thrive.


My initiation into health, started with me first switching to a paleolithic diet and then moving onto a cyclical ketogenic diet. I know it sounds “Cliché” but for me personally, it was like a light switch had just gone off. Within weeks, I started noticing a shift. That familiar midday slump became a distant memory. I had the energy to chase after my kids at the park, finally keep up with life’s demands, and even planning fun activities on holidays with friends again. But the improvements weren’t just physical – the mental clarity and focus I experienced were incredible. It felt like a fog had lifted, and I was truly present in every moment. Having gone through this transformation in myself sparked a passion to help other women reclaim their energy and live their best lives. It was on this path that I found The Institute for Optimum Nutrition. I decided I was going to study Nutritional Therapy so that I could help others in the same boat.


The body always wants to heal.


Every symptom has an underlying root cause and it’s my job to decipher those symptoms into a practical plan. Having lived my own experience of healing, I can honestly say the low carb/ketogenic diet has truly given me my life back. However, it has taken some re-adjustments and adaptations to my way of eating to where I can now understand what fuels my body versus following a tailored plan. I know when to change my workouts, my food, my supplementation based on life’s demands. I now know what it feels like to have sustained energy to live my dream life. I use low carb/ketogenic metabolic therapies, as I navigate through my mid 40’s with perimenopause, with different life demands at this age.


After running a successful private practice in Singapore, I am proud to call Austin home now. Apart from my work as a Nutritional therapist, I am always keeping up with new research in the field of nutrition. I am a graduate of ketogenic therapeutic mastery with Beth-Zupec Kania and Denise Potter. I am a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Counsel (CNHC). I adhere to their code of ethics and confidentiality with each client and regularly keep up with clinical practice by attending lectures and conferences.

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Puja Bansal
Registered Nutritional Therapist

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