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Founder of BioWhole Nutrition and a graduate from The Institute for Optimum Nutrition, my journey into this wonderful world of Nutrition came through my own discovery of the healing powers of food. As a young kid, I had the privilege to live in various different parts of the world, and this sparked my curiosity around food and herbs and the benefits they impart with them. Food has been and will always be one of my true loves and I am fortunate that I have been given the opportunity to educate my clients and lead them onto this exploration of health and well-being. One of my true passions is to enable all my clients to get to a place where they are functioning at an optimal level for their brain and their bodies and are able to sustain that through life. Once you learn how to personalize your diet, you will continue to find that your health just keeps improving in every sense of the word.

Food is truly medicine and I love educating my clients in understanding how powerful every bite of food can be. I often find myself encouraging my clients to get into their kitchens, even it’s just once a week and cook something nutritious that they would love to eat. Look at food as not only a source of fuel for the body but as information that changes your genetic blueprint, which then becomes a gateway into everlasting health. Our bodies are innately very smart and when we feed our bodies nutritiously, health and vitality come to surface. I always tell my clients that “the body always wants to heal” and It is really up to us to enable that by choosing the right foods and lifestyle interventions that serves us. Alongside my consultations, I use strategic tools such as Behavior change and motivational Interviewing which are foundational to my interventions.

In an attempt to keep up with current research and to keep the learner in me alive, I am currently pursuing my BSc Honors in Nutritional Therapy from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. I am a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Counsel (CNHC). I adhere to their code of ethics and strict confidentiality and regularly keep up with clinical practice by attending lectures and conferences.

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Puja Bansal
Registered Nutritional Therapist